Mandarins from Greece contain an ingredient that prevents premature grey hair.

Repigment Grey Hair Naturally with Our Most Powerful New Ingredient

Glaring at Your Grey Hair in the Mirror? You Are Not Alone

There are many reasons you might not be ready to embrace the grey. 

Your first streaks of silver can be quite a shock. Greying can feel like aging, and our youth-obsessed culture hasn’t made you feel too enthusiastic about getting older. 

Your hair may also be changing in other ways. As your hair loses pigment, it may be coarser, dryer, and less manageable. On top of frizz and flyaways, you may notice thinner and weaker hair strands – especially at your temples and along your hairline.

As a stylist, I hear these concerns from many of my clients. They really want a solution for grey hair, but they don’t want to reach for the dye bottle. 


Is There a Natural, Non-Toxic Treatment for Grey Hair?

You’re not the only one to be worried about allergic reactions and other health issues from hair dye use.1  Many common hair color ingredients can damage your hair and scalp health. You could start experiencing skin irritation, weaker strands, and even hair loss.

Your color results may also be a reason to stop dying your grey hair. Grey hair is often resistant to dye products, resulting in uneven and patchy color. 

At Arey, we know genetics only account for about 30% of why hair turns grey. So we turned to science to create a haircare system to help you preserve your natural hair color. 

The result – a science-based haircare system that delivers natural, healthy treatments to delay grey hair, prevent new grey hair growth, and even repigment grey hair. 


Why Does Hair Turn Grey?

As you age, your hair loses melanin – a pigment-producing component that makes up your natural hair and skin color. When your production of pigment slows down, your hair turns grey, and eventually white. 

The main non-hereditary causes of hair pigment loss are:

  • Stress – your body's fight-or-flight response plays a key role in turning grey. Don’t skip those meditations – good mental health means better hair health.2 

  • Vitamin & mineral deficiencies – a diet lacking in essential nutrients can turn your hair grey prematurely.

  • Smoking – a major cause of premature greying.3

  • UV exposure UV rays damage your hair and scalp resulting in dry and grey hair. 4 

  • Oxidative stress – a pivotal mechanism contributing to hair greying and hair loss that manifests as a decrease of melanin production and results in a reduction of hair growth.5

Scientific research into hair health has shown that oxidative stress plays a major role in premature grey hair. Oxidative stress causes an accumulation of free radical molecules around your hair follicles. This can slow or stop the production of pigment in your hair, turning it grey. 5

Graphic showing how oxidative stress causes grey hair
Graphic showing how oxidative stress damages your hair

How Stopping Oxidative Stress Can Reverse Grey Hair

As you age, the production of free radicals increases, while your body’s defense mechanisms decrease. This imbalance leads to the progressive damage of cellular and molecular structures – resulting in greying and weakening of your hair. 

While it’s impossible to avoid free radical exposure and oxidative stress completely, there are things you can do to minimize and even reverse the effects. 

Scientists who study scalp and hair health believe that antioxidants are your best weapon against hair damage from oxidative stress

Antioxidants are molecules that fight free radicals to prevent oxidative stress and delay cell damage: “New insights into the role and prevention of oxidative stress could open new strategies for intervention and reversal of the hair graying process and age-dependent alopecia.”  Dr. Trüeb, Research Trichologist.5

Antioxidants are a grey hair solution. They protect your hair color by acting as a natural “off switch” that neutralizes the free radicals attacking your follicles. 


Meet Our Newest Antioxidant – Citrus Reticulata 

At Arey, we’re continually researching new ingredients to optimize the effectiveness of our products. Early last year, we started to work with a new ingredient called Citrus Reticulata. 

A powerful, naturally derived antioxidant, Citrus Reticulata works to prevent premature grey hair. It stimulates melanin production in your hair strand and stops the loss of pigment. 

Our search for the optimal antioxidant for grey hair led us to a very special kind of mandarin orange that only grows in the specialized microclimate of Chios – a tiny island in Greece. 

After we sustainably harvest the organic fruit by hand, we use the island’s traditional method of distillation to extract the active ingredient – Citrus Reticulata. 

Arey To The Root serum with mandarins and fo ti leaf

Citrus Reticulata – An Effective Treatment for Grey Hair

Laboratory studies showing the stimulation of melanin synthesis and production along with powerful antioxidant activity is what makes this ingredient so interesting.4  

Citrus Reticulata acts in two powerful ways:  

✅ STOPS oxidative stress from turning hair grey

✅ PREVENTS loss of pigment in the hair strand by stimulating the production of melanin. 

At Arey, we value hair health and want you to enjoy the best results from our clinically tested ingredients. That’s why we added Citrus Reticulata to our To The Root serum because it is the perfect combination of powerful ingredients with an effective science-based delivery system. 


Reverse Grey Hair With Powerful Ingredients Delivered Right to Your Roots

Just like in your skincare routine, you reach for a serum when you need ingredients delivered in their purest and most concentrated form. That’s what To The Root is designed to do. 

The name says it all. 

To The Root carries a high concentration of active ingredients where you need them the most – your scalp and hair follicles. That’s where your greying process begins and where you will see the most results.

To The Root serum is a silky, lightweight, fragrance-free fluid that you apply daily to either wet or dry hair. It is quickly and easily absorbed into your scalp, where it works to nourish your hair with a potent cocktail of antioxidants and our clinically-proven peptide – a “building block” of protein. 

This powerful combination works to not only slow your grey hair growth but also potentially lead to re-pigmentation. 

Graphic shows grey hair reversal results from using Arey products


What Percentage Grey Are You?

The earlier you start working with your body to slow and delay your grey hair, the more effective your efforts will be. It is in the early stages of turning grey that the process is most reversible.15 

Arey chart shows how to calculate what is your percentage of grey hair

Arey’s grey hair solutions work best on those who have 0-30% grey hair. If you are more than 30% grey or have white hair, you will see less powerful results. If your hair strands are completely white, our products can help improve the texture, smoothness, and elasticity of your grey hair, but you will be less likely to see repigmentation.

Because hair growth cycles take at least 1-4 months, it may take a while before you see results. Your hair health is important to us – that’s why we offer 25% off on all subscriptions to help keep you on track with your hair health goals. Because we believe that science + consistency = results.

Discover the Benefits of Science-Based Solutions for Grey Hair 

What do you get when you combine a stylist who is passionate about hair health, a visionary CEO, and an MIT-trained chemist? 

You don’t get a single product – you get a whole proactive hair care system that slows and re-pigments greying hair. 

The Arey Grey haircare system is a holistic, whole-body approach designed to work naturally with your body over time. Our products are a powerful combination of Eastern and Western traditions that is always gluten-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. 

Our mission – to bring you the cleanest, most innovative, science-based solutions for aging and greying hair.

With the Arey Grey Hair system, you can: 

✅ Delay your greys with our antioxidant-rich formula 

✅ Repigment your grey hair with a clinically-effective peptide 

✅ Grow thicker, fuller, healthier hair

✅ Improve the protein structure of your hair from the inside-out 

Don’t take our word for it – check out our

Arey before and after image showing grey hair reversal

We are Arey.

Aging is beautiful – but if your greys are growing faster than you wish, we are here for you with science-based, effective solutions. We want you to feel happy and confident with your hair. Have questions? Say 


Jay Small, Stylist and co-founder of Arey, cuts a client’s hair

AuthorJay SmallJay Small is a sought-after hair stylist and Trichologist in Los Angeles with over 22 years of experience. His clients consist of h business and creative leaders. He trained as an apprentice to the owner of Paul Mitchell and worked in education and product development for Paul Mitchell Systems. Jay is incredibly passionate about the creative process both in terms of styling hair and developing effective products.


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