Studies have shown that Arey products are effective on men and women, and on all hair types and colors. They’ve also confirmed that they are more effective during early stages of the greying process: the less grey hair, the easier it is to slow and re-pigment.

Wash Shampoo & Smooth Conditioner - Consumer Study

Results based on a 24-Week Consumer Perception Study to assess the efficacy of Arey Grey haircare products on hair health and greying on 36 male & female participants aged 22-50, all with 30% or less grey, by an independent research team.


experienced an improvement in their hair after 16 weeks


reported hair felt softer


reported hair looked healthier


reported a reduction in new grey hairs


reported thicker, stronger hair, a reduction in shedding and improved hair growth

Not Today, Grey – Qualitative Study

30 participants

3 months of use

ages of 30-53

67% female

33% male

all with <25% grey


reported their hair felt more vibrant and healthy


saw less grey hair growth


said their hair felt thicker, fuller and smoother

To The Root - Main Ingredient Consumer Study*

140 participants

3 months of use

ages of 21-70

59% female

41% male

all with <30% grey


reported healthier hair overall


reported less grey hair growth


saw roots growing in darker

*External study conducted using the Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-20 Amide

In a clinical study conducted on 15 men age 18-35 using the Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-20


grey hair density decreased
an average of 30% - up to 81%