The Benefits of Auto-Replenish


    You’ll get 25% off every auto-replenish order, plus free shipping.


    Get bonus products in your shipment after 3 months.


    Add and swap products, change or cancel anytime.


    See the maximum benefit from our products with consistent use.

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    Discover the products right for your routine. Not sure where to start? Take our quiz.

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    Choose frequency of delivery (30-90 days).

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    Easily access your account via SMS to swap, add products, change delivery dates and more.

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Manage Your Auto-Replenish Products By Text

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  • Your next order of Not Today, Grey for $34.00 is scheduled for Sep 22, 2023

    Reply 'Modify Order' to make changes :)
  • modify order
  • Hi Guest, please reply with a number to modify your upcoming Sep 22, 2023 order of Not Today, Grey:
    1. Account Settings
    2. Add One-time item
    3. Delay Order
    4. Skip Upcoming Order
    5. Swap Products
    6. Update Next Charge Date
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  • Hey Guest - What item would you like to purchase with your upcoming order (reply with a number)?

    1. Smooth Conditioner ($32.00)
    2. Live In Mist™ ($36.00)

Easily access your account via SMS to swap, add products, change delivery dates and more.

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Auto-Replenish FAQs

Where can I make edits to my auto-replenish?
It's easy! First, log into your account. Next, click "Manage Auto-Replenish".
Choose to cancel or pause an individual subscription or click “Auto-Replenish” to change the next ship date, ordering cadence, quantity, or payment and billing information. Be sure to click “Save” when you’re finished editing.

Will I get notified?
You’ll receive an email from us when:

  • Your auto-replenish is about to renew
  • You’ve updated/canceled the auto-replenish
  • The order failed (because the credit card has expired, is over the limit or has been canceled)
  • Your card is about to expire and the details need to be updated

Can I cancel at any time?
Of course! Simply skip or cancel your subscription before your next order date.

Can I edit my auto-replenish?
Yes, anytime. Want to try a new product? Add it to your auto-replenish or swap one of your current products. Have too much product already? Update your frequency. You can also update your address if you’ve moved.

What delivery frequency options are available?
You can choose your frequency anywhere from 30-90 days, and change at any time.

What products are available for auto-replenish?
All products with the exception of bundles are available for auto-replenish.

Do I get free shipping?
All auto-replenish orders within the U.S. get free shipping.