General Product Questions

We recommend using Arey early on in your grey hair journey. Our products work best if you have less than 30% grey, please click here to better understand what that looks like. We recommend that you do not take Not Today, Grey if you are under age 18.

Instead of looking at these early grey or white hairs as the end, see them as the beginning. We recommend taking Not today, Grey to maintain your hair color and slow the growth of future grey or white hair. Taking Not Today, Grey daily will supply the body with the ingredients to support healthy hair color and using To The Root 1-2X a day will help slow and can even re-pigment some grey hair if there is some melanin in the hair root.

The loss of melanin in the hair root can mean different things for different people and hair types. While we use the term 'going grey' this encompasses the loss of melanin in general. When your hair is white, this means that there is no longer melanin left in the root and therefore cannot be re-pigmented. BUT with the focus on slowing of future grey (and white hair), Not Today, Grey and To The Root help to keep the melanin that does exist in the roots of your pigmented hair. So, for participants in our study who have white hair, they saw the slowing of the white hair, but keep in mind that best results occur when there is 0-25% grey (or white). 

You currently have about ½ an inch of hair under your scalp, and it takes about a month to grow ½ an inch of hair, so it typically takes at least 2 months for the hair that is affected by our products to start showing. Most users notice better scalp health in the first 1-2 months followed by fuller, more vibrant and healthier hair in months 2-3 and noticeably less grey hair growth and re-pigmentation in months 3+.

Customers have experienced thicker, fuller hair using our products and have even been able to discontinue use of other hair growth products.

Yes! To The Root is color safe and will work on highlighted or dyed hair, in fact because of the peptide and extracts in To The Root, it will help nourish your hair and balance the sebum in your scalp resulting in healthier hair. We also recommend using Not Today, Grey to improve your hair from the inside-out, resulting in the slowing of grey hair but also thicker, fuller, softer and glossier hair!

While it is not necessary to take both products to see results, we highly encourage using both Not Today, Grey and To The Root for optimal results as this targets grey hair from the outside-in as well as the inside-out.

The loss of melanin in the hair root can mean different things for different people and hair types. When we use the term 'going grey', this encompasses the loss of melanin and the gradual shift from pigmented, to grey, to white. When your hair is white, this is an indication that there is likely no longer melanin left in the root and it likely cannot be re-pigmented. With the focus on slowing future grey, The Arey System works to protect and maintain the melanin that exists in the roots of your pigmented hair. Some study participants saw the slowing of the white hair, but keep in mind that best results occur when there is 0-30% grey (or white).

Each of our topical products are safe to use while pregnant or nursing. We advise not taking Not Today, Grey while you are pregnant or nursing and suggest you consult your healthcare provider before taking any supplements.

We always suggest you consult with your doctor before adding any supplement to your diet especially if you are taking other vitamins or medications. Our topical products can certainly be used alongside other products designed for hair growth, however we have seen great results with participants in our study experiencing thicker, fuller hair and have found that Not Today, Grey can take the place of other hair growth vitamins.

All of our ingredients are backed by science and we only include ingredients that have been shown to be effective. We do not include any ingredients that do not have efficacy. Our serum also does not contain oil since applying oil to the scalp can lead to unwanted buildup. While our main focus is on slowing and re-pigmenting grey hair, we have also found that customers also experience thicker, fuller, and healthier hair in general getting a ‘two-for-one’ benefit at a very affordable cost. 

Yes, You can use Arey with your color-treated hair and in fact we encourage using our products on color-treated hair as it will help to nourish the potential damage caused by dyes and highlights. If you are in the early stages of greying (0-30%), our products can help to slow and re-pigment grey so that you are able to go longer between dye appointments for grey coverage.

Yes, You can still use Arey with your keratin-treated hair. Arey Wash is a sulfate free shampoo that is gentle enough to use on keratin-treated hair. Keratin treatments are designed to help manage texture, using the Arey System can help support healthy hair growth and manage texture for your future hair growth.

Questions about Not Today, Grey

Not Today, Grey’s formula is well within the tolerable upper intake level for each ingredient and was designed to work in conjunction with most multivitamins, but we always recommend you consult with your healthcare provider to confirm that the combination will remain within the tolerable limits for your body.

We have taken great care and effort to ensure that the amount of ingredients in Not Today, Grey are well within the tolerable limits for most adults. Our team of medical and scientific advisors research each ingredient. You should always consult your doctor before starting a supplement regimen as they know your body best.

Our team is very focused on the science behind going grey and ways to support hair health. The formula for Not Today, Grey was created by an internal medicine MD, a dietitian, and a chemical engineer from MIT. All of the ingredients have been researched and studied, including Foti and our formula contains 10mg which is well within tolerable limits and is extremely unlikely to cause any damage. We always recommend you speak to your doctor before beginning a supplement regimen as they know your body best.

The FDA does not approve dietary supplements, however our QA procedures ensure appropriate standards of quality. Our supplement is made in a Good Manufacturing Compliant, NSF and FDA-approved facility.

We have had no reported incidents of increased hair growth or pigmentation in other areas of the body.

Questions about To The Root

No! To The Root was designed without oils to dry weightless. You can apply on wet or dry hair and it should take around 15-20 minutes to dry. The beauty of To The Root is that it's an anti grey serum that leaves your hair with more volume and a non greasy feeling.

The ingredients in To The Root are clean and do not contain sulfates, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance or polyethylene gylcol.

We spent over a year developing To The Root and choosing the best component for application, which we found to be a pump because it allows you to control the amount of product being placed on the scalp, and allow you to quantify exactly how much to use (we recommend using 6-8 pumps her day), versus a dropper which we found to be quite cumbersome and facilitated more user error and product slipping onto the face.

Think of To The Root like eye cream. You should focus on the areas you are starting to see grey. Wash shampoo is an anti grey hair shampoo a great way to help distribute our active ingredients to the entire scalp.

Yes! To The Root is designed for both the scalp and the beard. It does not contain oil or fragrance and is a lightweight formula that can be applied 1-2 times a day.

To The Root was designed for the scalp and beard but is made with clean ingredients and could be used on the eyebrows, but we advise to be careful to not get the product into your eyes.

Questions about shipping and orders

Depending on the destination, orders typically take 5-7 business days to arrive. Delivery details will be provided in your order confirmation email.

We use all major carriers, and local courier partners. You’ll be asked to select a delivery method during checkout.

At this time we are shipping within the United States and Canada, and we hope to expand to more countries soon. Please email us at to let us know where you are! 

Because our products are perishable and cannot be resold, we cannot accept returns. If your product was damaged during shipping or you are not satisfied with your purchase, we want to work with you on making things right, so please contact us at

Arey works best on those who have 0-30% grey. Not sure what percentage you are? Click here to view the chart. If you have consistently used Arey products for more than 3 months and can provide before & after photos that show evidence that you have not seen results, please email us at We will issue a refund if you are not satisfied with your results and photos show no improvement.

While we hope that you love your products and want to continue to use them every day, we understand that sometimes you need to pause or cancel your subscription. You can do that at any time in your account (you should receive an email confirmation with your initial order and reorders with the link to modify your subscription). If you have any issues, you can always contact us at