Cure Your Winter Hair Blues

Cure Your Winter Hair Blues

The battle between freezing temps and dry indoor heat can do a number on your hair and scalp, leaving it feeling brittle, full of static, and dull. Check out our tips below from Jay, our co-founder and hairstylist extraordinaire on how to lock in good hair, even in the cold air. 


Washing your hair less often during the cold months (aim for every 3-4 days) can help combat dry, coarse hair by letting the natural oils in your scalp do the conditioning. When you do wash it, opt for lukewarm rather than really hot water, and never blow dry super wet hair, use an absorbent towel to let it air dry first.


Apply conditioner first with a 2-5 minute scalp massage to help treat an itchy, dry scalp, then go about your normal shampoo & conditioning routine.



Brushing your hair from the ends upwards can be more gentle on your strands. If you have static, try using a dryer sheet pushed through the bristles. 

Adding moisture to the air can help combat the negative effects the dry, cold air outside and dry, warm heat indoors can have on your hair. 

And of course, try To The Root to help nourish your scalp with our active peptide and extracts that can help balance your scalp's sebum.