What To Do When You See Your First Grey Hair

What To Do When You See Your First Grey Hair

If you don’t already have grey hair, you likely know someone who does, and are thinking “will that happen to me?” At Arey, are continuously researching what causes grey hair and understanding which treatments are most effective for grey hair. Research has shown that 74% of us will see grey between the ages of 45-65, and we hear from many customers who started to go grey as early as their twenties. The interesting news is that scientists have only identified one gene that causes grey hair (the IRF4 gene), and have determined that genetics only accounts for about 30% of why hair turns grey, leaving a large percentage due to other factors like diet and lifestyle choices, as well as environmental factors.

Did you know the scalp ages 6x faster than the face? We take many other proactive measures against aging- like wrinkle cream, botox, under-eye cream, lasers, IPLs, peels, Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, SPF etc.- but until now, very few of us have been doing anything for the scalp. The New York Times recently predicted that hair care will take precedent over skin care in 2023, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of this movement to pay more attention to causes and preventions.

For the last 100 years, the only way to deal with grey hair was to either cover it with hair dye, or to embrace going grey. In my twenty years as a hairstylist I’ve often talked clients out of using hair dye to cover grey hair too soon, especially once we read an NIH study that was published in 2019 linking increased risk of cancer to at-home hair dye use. According to a team led by NIEHS scientists,  “women who use permanent hair dye and chemical hair straighteners have a higher risk of developing breast cancer than women who do not use these products." 

So, how do we address our grey hair safely and effectively?

With only 30% of why we go grey being linked to genetics, a large percentage is likely due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, oxidative stress, and everyday stress in general.

It’s easier to supply the body with what it needs to prevent grey hair than it is to get rid of it, and it’s also important to remember that it is much easier to preserve your hair pigment than it is to reverse a full head of hair once it has turned white.

For those experiencing their first grey hairs, we have identified several ways to address the issue. At Arey, our approach to gray hair growth is to address it from both the inside-out, and outside-in. For those in the early stages of grey, this is a perfect time to start with the Arey System. The proactive products in our Arey System combine our supplement Not Today, Grey and our patent-pending topical serum, To The Root. Together, these products help support the body with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and a clinically efficacious peptide to promote production and preservation of hair pigment.

For those who haven’t experienced their first grey hair, it’s never too early to start incorporating proactive products into your haircare routine. The Arey Shower Duo is a great place to start. Our Wash Shampoo includes the Arey Complex of antioxidants and a clinically effective peptide that can support hair pigment, as well as promote growth and strength every time you wash your hair. Our Smooth Conditioner works to condition hair from the inside-out, leaving the hair feeling fuller, softer and smoother.

By adding proactive products like these to your hair care regimen, you can preserve and even repigment the hair you have naturally. It’s important to keep in mind that this process is not an overnight fix. The body needs time to absorb and allow the ingredients to take effect. Hair also needs to grow enough to see the benefit. On average, our hair grows half an inch per month. Many of our customers report that they are able to see results within 90 days.

When you search “solutions for grey hair” you will see a variety of phrases or claims like “Reverse Gray Hair”, “Anti-Gray Hair Solutions” or “How to Get Rid of Grey Hair.”

At Arey we prefer the term “repigment” as opposed to “reverse”, and we are certainly not anti-grey.

The tough thing about the word “reverse” is it may give some people the impression that you can revert ALL grey and white hair back to its original color. This is not possible, especially if you have more than 30% grey and are seeing white hair, which has likely lost all melanin.

Repigmentation is a term that is associated with the stimulation of melanin in hair follicles that have not lost all pigment. When hair turns grey, there is a subtle process of pigment loss that begins when your natural hair color presents as a dark grey. We have found that the difference between grey vs. white hair is that grey hair still contains small amounts of pigment, whereas a white strand has likely lost all pigment. Repigmentation can take place when the body is supplied with specific vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and a clinically effective peptide. For hair strands that are completely white, we find that our products can help improve the texture, fabric and elasticity of aging hair strands, but it will be less likely to see repigmentation in these cases.

We love that more and more people are embracing their grey hair instead of covering it up with chemical dyes. Grey hair is a universal part of nearly everyone’s life, and should not feel shameful. We also understand that people want to look and feel their best! For those who want more control over turning grey, Arey offers products for each step of your hair journey; whether you have no grey, some grey or a lot of grey. Our focus is to continue the research and development of ingredients and products that allow you to have more control over whatever stage in the process of aging you are at. It's important not to fear aging, as it happens to each of us.

Consider you’ll never be younger than you are in this very moment…and wherever you are in life, taking proactive steps toward healthy hair will benefit more than just your mane. Understanding that our greys aren’t just a sentence passed on from our DNA can help us take better care of not just our appearance, but our overall health.

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