The inside out - grey hair and vitamin deficiencies

The inside out - grey hair and vitamin deficiencies

Our body communicates its needs to us through many signals– it can cue a headache to alert lack of hydration, make a stomach rumble as a sign of hunger, and generate a yawn as a nudge toward rest. Humans tend to go for the quick fix solution to these important signs the body sends...when our lips are chapped we apply lip balm, when our breath smells we brush our teeth. Doctors of Eastern medicine would liken these actions to taking the batteries out of the smoke alarm instead of putting out the fire. In other words, we're not solving the problem...just momentarily muting it.

The same goes for covering up stubborn greys. Grey hair is a direct message from the body telling us that we're lacking the vitamins, minerals or antioxidants that are essential to produce the cells that maintain pigment. Yet, when we choose harsh chemicals to manage the issue, we're actually just helping to accelerate it.

You've most likely been told that using too much moisturizer can actually make your skin more dry. That's because over-moisturizing can actually slow the body's natural production of oil. The bottom line? For any type of lasting solution, we've got to and tackle these issues from the inside out. 

Grey hair happens when your body lacks nutrients to support the generation of new cells. (Interestingly when we don’t have these nutrients we also lack the antioxidants that protect us from the chemicals we use to hide the grey...a vicious cycle indeed). 

These deficiencies don't happen overnight. Our diets tend to change drastically from birth to adulthood, and life gets more stressful too. The healthy resources that were abundant in our youth slowly erode when fast food, alcohol and oxidative stressors like smoking come in to play. By the time many of us matured enough to discover work-life balance and the concept of self care through yoga, green juice and gluten alternatives, it was too late…and then it struck...our first grey hair. 

Arey's proactive compound provides the building blocks to reestablish those nutrients in our system in the most efficient way. To put it into perspective, here's what your daily intake would have to look like to match a daily dose of Arey: 



So, you're welcome. There's no need to feed yourself enough to fuel an entire football team when you can help your body delay the grey with Arey!