Rinse, don't Repeat

Rinse, don't Repeat

I’m often asked by my clients what my favorite conditioning treatment is, and I struggle to make a recommendation knowing that most of what gets applied to our ends just gets washed down the drain. While hair may feel healthier initially, it will also feel as if it needs to be washed sooner than if you hadn’t used a treatment. 

In the end my advice has always been to wash less & brush more. 

Many of us seek to repair what we don’t like about our hair with products, rather than preparing our hair to grow and feel better. What we often overlook is that our bodies naturally produce a conditioning treatment. Everyone’s scalp produces an oil called sebum. When that ‘built-in’ conditioner is evenly and consistently distributed through the hair strand, hair will inevitably look and feel healthier and fuller. Brushing your hair nightly before sleep can distribute these oils throughout the hair strand, while the brushing will also gently stimulate the scalp. (I advise using a natural hair bristle brush for best distribution.)

Limiting the amount we wash our hair with shampoo, and going easy on heat styling are equally important.

What excites me the most about ‘Not Today, Grey’ is that  not only can it preserve your hair color, but grow better hair at the same time…further reducing the need for all of those unnecessary treatments. Many users noted feeling thicker and fuller hair after just two months; a result of the consistent amount of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants working to create an optimal environment for hair pigment and growth. 

The point is, better hair is made from the inside out. The more we pay attention to what we put inside our body and work with its natural resources— the less we’ll have to worry about masking flaws with unnecessary products that only provide a temporary solution. 

- Jay