Product & Grooming Tips For Men With Gray Hair

Product & Grooming Tips For Men With Gray Hair

Over my years as a stylist, men have always been good listeners and very loyal when it comes to grooming. We've come a long way from the term "metro sexual," and moved into a world where it's common that a man takes pride in his appearance. 

When it comes to aging hair- there's a fine line between distinguished and old. For years, men have embraced a salt and pepper look, but not all men want to go gray. The women and men that I have worked with as a hair stylist for 20 years helped us better understand perspectives on gray hair. I've observed that men were comfortable with up to 20% of their hair going gray, whereas women prefer it not exceed 5%.

When it comes to aging hair- there's a fine line between distinguished and old. For years, men have embraced a salt and pepper look, but not all men want to go gray. 

What about when the gray becomes too much to handle? 85% of women have colored their hair compared to 11% of men. Men don’t have as many options when it comes to hiding their gray. For starters, the fact that most men have shorter hair means that nearly every hair is visible, whereas women can hide nearly all gray that is in the interior of their haircut. When women start to see their first grays they consider actions and solutions, compared to men who often embrace the salt & pepper 'silver fox' look until it is too late. But just like cooking- once something is too salty, it’s hard to turn back!

Studies show that women start to consider aging at age 29 and men start to feel 'old' at 58. With all the factors that go into hair turning grey, there are two that men are more susceptible to: sun exposure and smoking. Men are more likely to smoke cigarettes and not use regular sun protection, which are two lifestyle choices among the main causes of aging hair. This may help explain why men go grey earlier than women.

Studies show that women start to consider aging at age 29 and men start to feel 'old' at 58. 

Our daily supplement Not Today, Grey is what I recommend to all of my clients to slow and re-pigment grey hair, especially men. Often this referral is the first time my male clients even consider using a daily supplement. Similar to exercise, the body needs fuel to support your activity- Not Today, Grey delivers vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that support healthier hair growth. Once hair has gone white, it's likely to stay that way- but the hairs near it that haven’t lost pigment yet are what we're targeting. Being able to take control of hair health is the goal of this science-backed, proactive daily supplement. 

Our To The Root topical serum enters the mix to help stimulate the hair follicle from the outside-in. Its lightweight, oil-free formula is designed to deliver antioxidants and a clinically effective peptide to the scalp and beard where gray hair is starting. One of the serums other key ingredients, Panthenol, helps To The Root style and tame hair. The formula is also free of scent and oil, which means no greasy feel after applying. When using To The Root, apply to the scalp when hair is damp, and arrange your hair how you would like it to look when dry. Once hair has dried it will easily maintain your desired style, or be best prepared for additional styling products. Men typically go grey in their beard first, so using To The Root can also help manage the grey hair in your beard, as well as smooth its appearance. My recommendation is to apply it to your beard when it's dry for best control.

Wash Shampoo is a great way to combine the ritual of shampooing with our complex of anti-aging ingredients. For all of our topical products, we formulated Wash with ingredients that are safe for the skin. Wash can be used to shampoo your hair and also cleanse your beard and its gentle formula will leave both feeling clean, but not over-cleansed. For most men, efficiency is key. While I hear of men using a two-in-one shampoo/conditioner combo, I wouldn’t recommend this, as shampoo is meant to cleanse, and conditioner is meant to smooth- therefore do two very different jobs that cannot be easily combined. 

Beyond the products you use, a few tools are helpful to help maintain your style. On average men get their hair cut every 4 weeks, with an average growth rate of half an inch per month. This means that in between haircuts we need to have a comb, trimmers and even a small pair of scissors on hand to complete a well rounded grooming routine. A good comb is a must to help give direction and tame head and beard hair, but what can we do to keep your beard in check between haircuts? A cordless trimmer or inexpensive pair of scissors can help. For beards I recommend using a trimmer or pair of scissors to shape and remove any hairs that aren’t complimentary.