How to Protect Your Dyed Hair

How to Protect Your Dyed Hair

Hair dye is the most common method used to cover up grey hair since it was invented in 1907. Our mission at Arey is to help provide healthier, safer and more proactive options for dealing with grey early on, before dyeing becomes a necessity.

Currently, 85% of women dye their hair. With so many of us using hair color to disguise grey, we created a suite of products that not only help prevent and repigment grey, but can also protect hair color from the fading that can occur due to chemical and sun exposure.

When it comes to preserving your dyed hair, sun, shampoo and water can be some the biggest threats. The most common color used to cover grey hair is brown, most likely because over 90% of hair color around the globe is either black or brown. Did you know that all hair colors have an underlying pigment? This pigment is the base of each color. Underlying pigment will vary from shade to shade. For example, brown hair color has an underlying pigment of red. This is why the most common complaint from people who use brown hair dye is that it fades, and they notice it turning red or orange.

This fading can be fixed by running color through your ends, using a toner or a blue / violet based shampoo. Unfortunately, all these options are temporary fixes for your faded ends, likely to fade out again and again with the result being a warmer hair color than you intended.

What if there was a way we could not only preserve natural hair color, but also help preserve your dyed hair color?

Our Arey Wash Shampoo is formulated for your skin, meaning that your hair and scalp will be subject to much less aggressive cleansers than currently found in traditional shampoos. Post-coloring is the most important time to focus on scalp health. Arey Wash delivers active ingredients that help to repair your scalp and stimulate the hair follicles with every use. We believe that in order to have healthy hair we need to grow healthier hair. Heat styling, hair color, and even sun exposure can weaken strands and erase hair color.

Our Arey Smooth Conditioner is formulated to compliment the hair strand and not overwhelm it with heavy conditioning agents. In some cases the conditioning agents that we are adding to our hair could be large enough to force hair color molecules from the hair strand. We have found that hair needs two types of conditioning that target both the interior and exterior of the hair strand. In our formula, Panthenol helps retain moisture in the interior for fullness, while jojoba oil and shea butter seal the exterior for smoothness and environmental protection.

Our leave-in conditioner Live In Mist provides the ultimate response to UV exposure thanks to Raspberry Seed Oil, which is a natural UV protectant. Offering protection from both UVA and UVB rays, Live In Mist is designed to be applied to either dry or wet hair. On wet hair, Live In Mist can be used as a detangler and offers nourishment for dry or damaged ends. On dry hair, Live In Mist can leave hair with better control and hydration, enhancing waves and curls. For days when you will be over exposed to the sun, Live In Mist should be used every time you apply sunscreen. Mist hair and scalp to help prevent oxidative stress and hair color fading.

Arey customer Heather C. sums it up best:

“I am in love with Live In Mist, I noticed a huge difference in my hair being less brassy after dyeing and it helps maintain color for much longer. My hair also feels soft without being weighed down and it is such an easy styling tool.”

bottle of live in mist