Can Grey Hair Help Men Be More in Tune With Their Health?

Can Grey Hair Help Men Be More in Tune With Their Health?

When developing Arey, we were focused on determining why hair goes grey and how we could get more control over the process. Much of our early focus was on the cellular level- working to understand how to supply the body with what it needs to keep producing color and maintain hair structure. Our early group of initial users were selected from my client base, which consisted of 60% women and 40% men. I was initially taken aback by the equal amount of men and women that were interested in participating.

I was 35 years old when we started Arey, and wasn’t yet concerned with topics like grey hair or wrinkles…but why? Surveys show that men notice signs of aging at 58 years old, compared to women at around 29. That means men feel older when they are TWICE the age of women! Many studies have been done looking at how hormones and brain composition can affect either gender’s fears and actions. The factors that differ amongst women and men give women the ability to take action earlier, where as men often leave things until they become a “real issue”.

Statistics show women are 33% more likely to regularly see a doctor, and the CDC reports women are 100% better at maintaining screening and preventive care. Amy Allina, program director for the National Women's Health Network says this may be because “men are not socialized to seek help”.

How can grey hair help men be more in tune with their health?

The fact is, if you see a grey hair on your head, there is a 70% chance it’s related to diet, lifestyle, or oxidative stress. Wrinkles differ from grey hair in that they can be hard to identify as new or track their progress, whereas grey hair is a much more visible process as it transitions from pigmented hair, to grey, and then white. Seeing grey hair as a message from the body is the best way to respond to these signs of deficiencies or exposures. We all agree that salt and pepper is great, but we need to start a dialogue about preserving this recipe. Once something is too salty, it’s harder to turn back.

Arey's daily supplement Not Today, Grey is formulated to replenish the body with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help your hair grow fuller and thicker, hair while also slowing grey hair growth and even re-pigmenting some greys. Women often start taking supplements in their late 20’s in preparation for turning 30. Men are targeted in their late 30’s in preparation for turning 40. Did you know men speak on average just 7,000 words a day whereas women tend to speak around 20,000 words a day? Women share more with each other, and tend to be great product evangelists as a result. Regardless of gender, grey hair starts to develop on average at age 32- so ladies, help us tell men how to keep their hair youthful before it's too late!

To The Root is our topical serum that is designed to be applied directly to the scalp, delivering antioxidants and peptides to the hair follicle. This product was formulated without scent or oil to be used often on the scalp or facial hair area. When going grey, women have relied on hair color retroactively to help disguise greys: nearly 85% of women have colored their hair in the last 8 weeks, yet only 11% of men use hair color to cover grey- most often on their facial hair first. (Interesting fact: white beard hairs grow 4X faster than pigmented beard hairs!) Instead of using hair hair color on your first grey, try Arey’s To The Root. Using To The Root can help preserve hair color and even re-pigment greying hair that still has some melanin in the roots.

Arey Wash Shampoo is the best place to start if you are looking to integrate our products into the regimen you already have. It is formulated with antioxidants and peptides that work to preserve pigment and make hair feel thicker and fuller. Wash was designed to incorporate these beneficial ingredients into your everyday routine. Men will wash their hair twice as much as women, but both want to use a shampoo that doesn’t over-cleanse their hair. Designed to be gentle enough to use on your skin, Wash can be used to cleanse the scalp and facial hair areas (I personally use it on my beard daily).

The moral of the story is: let’s talk about grey. In the past, talking about going grey may have seemed taboo because we lacked solutions. Arey’s family of products work from the inside out and outside in to help solve these stubborn signs of aging. We’re committed to helping everyone’s hair look and feel its best.